Melanie Moore - Artistic Director

The Virtual Contemporary Chorale

The Virtual Contemporary Chorale returned and included 26 singers from around the world. These singers uploaded videos of themselves singing to a video of our Artistic Director, Melanie Moore, conducting "When I Hear Music." A video producer constructed a master video from these recordings and created The Virtual Contemporary Chorale that played simultaneously with the live Contemporary Chorale during our performances. It was quite a sight to see, the chorale singing, joined by our virtual choir on 2 huge screens on either side of us.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to learn the music and send their video in for this season's Virtual Community Chorale! It was a huge success.

"Congratulations!  Your Virtual Contemporary Chorale was a brilliant accomplishment - and a first for the Dallas area!  A virtual choir and a live choir singing together?  What craziness is this?  The good kind of crazy we do here at The Contemporary Chorale!  Thank you for the time and effort it took to learn your part, set up your own recording system, make your video (perhaps with multiple attempts until it was "just right") and ultimately send it in!  You made history and we are so grateful for your willingness to try something new."

Melanie Moore - Artistic Director

2016 Singers: Aixa B. - Funza, Colombia | Alexander H. - Boise, ID | Beatriz V. - Levanger, Norway | Camille M. - Lebanon, NH | Carrie I. - Richardson, TX | Debra B. - Clermont, FL | Dustin T. - McKinney, TX | Emily B. - Tulsa, OK | Isabel V. - Levanger, Norway | Jasmine B. - St. Louis, MO | Kara H. - Misawa, Japan | Kara I. - Egg Harbor City, NJ | Kelly M. - Oklahoma City, OK | Leonora F. - Taksony, Magyarország | Mark P. - Katy, TX | Rachel J. - Dallas, TX | Robin F. - Heber City, UT | Shawna N. - Ogden, UT | Sherri B. - Manti, UT | Stephen B. - Hooper, UT | Synne F. - Ål, Noreg | Thomas S. - Fairbanks, AK | Trisha J. - Hot Springs Village, AR | Wes M. - Garland, TX | Zoë M. - Dallas, TX

2014 Singers: Austin E. - Melbourne, Australia | Beatriz V. - Levanger, Norway | Bill T. - Las Vegas, NV | Dayna S. - Perkins, OK | Elin W. - Shawnee, OK | Isabel V. - Levanger, Norway | Jennifer G. - Pittsburgh, PA | Jennifer S. - Smackover, AR | Jilian B. - Carlsbad, NM | Katherine C. - Abilene, TX | Katherine P. - Richardson, TX | Kathryn W. - Napa, CA | Kimberly A. - Myrtle Beach, SC | Kelsey O. - Forney, TX | Lexie R. - Stillwater, OK | Lindy K. - Austin, TX | Lyndsey J. - Dallas, TX | Monte E. - Birmingham, AL | Rachel J. - Dallas, TX | Wes M. - Garland, TX

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This organization is funded in part by the City of Richardson through the City of Richardson Cultural Arts Commission .